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Knowing is The Other Fifty Cents

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Aug. 24th, 2009 | 06:10 pm

Showing up is half the battle.
         [Blogger's Note: If, as Woody Allen suggest showing up is 80% of success, is success 40% of the battle?]

We're gonna have a full-fledged thingy, and by "thingy" I mean mid-term.

There are two ways to take a crack at coherence.

We don't make it up; it comes.  We retreat to a room with glowing embers

We could fumble towards some platonic ideal

Yeah, that's great.  Thumb's up, sea-witch.

She's the Winona Ryder of the sea.

Who is charge of determining whether true love has been properly manifested?

Let's Perry Mason this for a second.

I'm sure glad I made this deal to A) Kill my wife or B) Go down to the dock and pick up this cotton

Cotton we regard as fungible in character.  Kobe, not so.

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